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Make Me One with You

new song


Lord Jesus, thank You for this very day,

I do believe in You; I do love You.

Thank You that I can know what’s in Your heart:

You want to make me one with You.

I open my entire inner being,

My every inward part is just for You.

Is there a part You have not entered yet?

I need Your shining to repent.

Lord, here I am, I’m enterable.

Saturate me and possess me today.

Gain me, increase more in me,

Make Yourself thus one with me.

Lord, make me You, in life and nature,

Deify me, Lord, and Christify me,

Sonize me even today,

For Your dear Body’s sake.


Thank You for showing me Your heart’s desire:

You would be one with me—I say, Amen!

You’re fully able to accomplish this;

Today, I give myself to You.

To not live contradiction, I agree—

With any kind of friction in my being.

In all the ordinary things of life,

Lord, make me always one with You.