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Once by nature we were dead in sin


Once by nature we were dead in sin,

In a world of utter discord;

But together God has quickened us,

Raised us up to sit together with the Lord.

  Jesus is getting us together,

Come and see the saints in one accord.

His love is knitting us together,

  To the stature of the fullness of the Lord.


Thus with all saints we can apprehend

All the vast dimensions of God.

Knowing Christ’s love passes all we know,

We’re together filled to fullness with our God.


Now we know the purpose of our God,

Visible the mystery became:

Christ, the church, together now we see,

And together put the enemy to shame.


For this cause we pray the Father God—

Strengthen Thou with might our inner man;

Make Yourself at home in all our hearts,

Root us, ground us in Your love and for Your plan.


In the Body we’ll be fitly framed

As the many members Christ supply;

Working in the measure of each part,

All by growth in love the Body edify.


Now we’re one His purpose to fulfill,

As the one new man of His plan.

Unto Him be glory in the church,

And in Jesus Christ forevermore—Amen!

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