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찬송가 256 - Father as the Evergreen - Southern California Young People - 지방교회 찬송가

Our Father, as the evergreen,Thou art forever new;
Thou art the ever living Lord,Thy freshness as the dew.

O Father, Thou art unchanging,Thou never hast grown old;
Thru countless ages, ever fresh,Thy newness doth unfold.

Thou art God, and Thou art “new”;Without Thee all is worn,
But all with Thee is ever fresh,Though many years have gone.

Each blessing Thou hast given us Thy newness doth contain;
Thy covenant, Thy ways are new,And ever thus remain.

Now we Thy new creation are-New spirit and new heart;
We’re daily from the old renewed, New life Thou dost impart.

The earth and heavens will be new And Thy new city share;
New fruits each month will be supplied, For all is newness there.

O Father, Thou art ever new, And all is new in Thee;
We sing the new eternal song, New praise we give to Thee.

1 오 아버지는 소나무처럼 늘 새로우신 분 영원히 실패하지 않고 항상 살아계시네 
2 오 새로우신 하나님 없으면 다 낡아져도 당신 계시면 모든 것 새롭네 세월지나도
3 우리가 얻은 당신의 축복은 모두 새로워 새 언약 새 길 모든 것 영원히 항상 새롭네
4 오 우린 주의 새 창조 새 사람 날로 새로워 새 마음 새 영 강건해 새 생명 항상 충만해
5 새 하늘 새 땅 새 성엔 모든 것 새롭게 되네 날마다 새로운 실과 공급돼 묵은 것 없네
6 오 새로우신 아버지 하나님 늘 찬양하리 늘 새로우신 당신을 영원히 찬미하겠네
후렴)늘 새로우신 아버지 결코 늙지 않아 천만 년 가도 항상 신선해 영원 영원히

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찬송가 599 - Lord Thou art God is Anointed -Southern California Young People - 지방교회 찬송가

1 Lord, Thou art God’s anointed,

  Thou art of kings the King!

  Here in full adoration

  Our song to Thee we bring!

  Thy kingdom is forever,

  Established is Thy throne!

  Thy reign with love and justice

  In glory stands alone!

2 Upon the hill of Zion

  Hath God established Thee

  And all the nations given

  Thy heritage to be.

  To Thee hath God committed

  His full authority

  To rule with might the nations

  Unto eternity.

3 Before the time of fulness,

  While darkness still prevails,

  Ten thousands daily render

  To Thee their loyal hails!

  From shore to shore Thy people

  To Thee their praises sing;

  They worship, love, and serve Thee

  As their dear Savior-King!

4 When in the time appointed

  With glory Thou wilt come,

  The earth with all its nations

  Thy kingdom will become.

  In majesty and splendor

  Wilt Thou be served as King,

  All kindreds and all peoples

  To Thee their praise shall ring!

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