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찬송가 558 - Sisters - My Will Is Weak, My Strenght Is Frail - 지방교회들 찬송가

1. 내 의지 능력 약하고 내 소망 다 소멸-됐네

오직 주 내게 역-사해 부축하심만 의-지해

2. 나의 힘 다 쏟았어도 그 결과 실패뿐-이니

주 외엔 믿을 것- 없네 주 날 지킴만 믿-겠네

3. 내 마음 높아질 때에 위험한 땅에 넘-어져

어떤 일 어떤 곳-에나 주님만 내게 필-요해

4. 강한 주 날 체휼하니 주 얼굴만을 구-하네

나는 악하고 약-해도 주 은혜 내 능력-일세

1. My will is weak, my strength is frail,

And all my hope is nearly gone;

I can but trust Thy working true

To gently gold and lead me on.

2. I've tried my best, but still have failed,

E'en as before I've failed and erred;

Thy patience is my only trust

To hold and keep me to Thy word.

3. Whene're my heart is lifted up,

How very near I am to fall;

I dare not do, I dare not think,

I need Thyself in great or small.

4. Thou art my Savior, strength and stay,

O Lord, I come to seek Thy face;

Though I'm the weakest of the weak,

My strength is nothing but Thy grace.