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Remove my covering, Lord,
That I may see Thy light,
And be deceived no more,
But all things see aright.
Oh, may Thy living light, Lord,
Scatter all my night, Lord,
And everything make bright, Lord,
  For this I pray to Thee.

I hardly know myself;
Deceived so much by pride,
I often think I’m right
And am self-satisfied.

I know Thee even less;
In doctrine, shallowly;
True revelation lack
Of Thy reality.

As for Thy life within,
In darkness I mistake—
If spirit or the flesh,
One for the other take.

As for Thy way, O Lord,
I often am not clear;
I toward seclusion tend
And from the pathway veer.

As for Thy will for me,
I do not know it well;
I substitute my own
And often would rebel.

As for the church, I need
Thy revelation more,
The Body-life to know,
Thy wisdom to explore.

I long to be unveiled,
In everything made clear,
No more to be deceived
Or to my pride adhere.

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Draw me, Lord, with the bands

new song

w/ Daniel & singtothelord

Draw me, Lord, with the bands,

Of Your love, with cords of man,

Going forth in my being entire;

I’d in harmony stand,

With Your goal, for Your plan

Through Your word, joined to Your heart’s desire

Make me one who would pray

Mingled with God as my faith,

Always praying and not losing heart;

I’d persistently pray,

And through prayer be saved each day,

Not in self but in God fully trusting.

Teach me, Lord, not to waste

but to number all my days

(Ps. 84) Better one day with You than a thousand;

Keep me faithful, in grace

To express You all my days,

In all matters, for Christ’s (Your) propagation.

If I struggle within,

You must never let me win

Lord, defeat me, and conquer me wholly;

Not a half-consecration,

but absolutely giv’n,

Lord, I pay the full price for You solely

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지방교회 찬송가 - Lord, Thy Name Is Called Jesus - 찬송가 293번

1. Lord, Thy Name is called Jesus, Wonderful is this dear Name;

Thou wast brought forth of the virgin, And the Son of man became.

Thou art our Jehovah-Savior, Saving us from all our sins;

When as Savior we receive Thee, Life divine in us begins.

2. Thou as “Christ” art also titled, Title of Thy ministry;

Thou art truly God’s anointed, Even from eternity.

Thou, O Lord, art God’s Messiah; God appointed Thee in love,

That Thou might fulfill His purpose And to all His glory prove.

3. Thou art also called “Emmanuel”; ”God with us” Thou cam’st to be;

God in grace is wholly mingled With our own humanity.

God in flesh is manifested, Full of grace and truth therein;

We have seen in Thee God’s glory, And in faith partake of Him.

4. How we treasure all Thy names, Lord, How much they to us unfold;

All their worth and all their sweetness We in love will ever hold.

Precious Savior, we adore Thee, Worship unto Thee we bring;

Our Emmanuel we exalt Thee, And Thy praise will ever sing.

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지방교회 찬송가 - This Divine Romance - Lord, How Long, Dear Bridegroom


Lord, how long, dear Bridegroom, ’Til You come, Lord, how soon?

Don’t delay for that coming day, coming day. Grant me, Lord, to be filled

With You, Lord, every day. Dearest Lord, take me all the way.

Come, Lord Jesus, Please come, dear Bridegroom;

Precious One, come soon, come soon. Lord, consume me!

Oh Lord, don’t let me stray, Faithful to You all the way.


Lord, make home in all my heart In my secret, deepest parts,

Hidden, Lord, and reserved for You, for You.You would be preeminent

In all things and all events, Possessed by Thee to this extent.


In my prayer and deepest plea In my spirit always be

Saturated and soaked with Thee, with Thee. This would be my life daily.

Every hour expecting Thee, This I pray, Lord, desperately!


The universe, in it we see, In the sweetest touch of Thee,

You’re my choice and my destiny, destiny.Lord, whate’er the price may be,

Lord, Amen, let it be! Oh, my Love, please come back quickly!


In Your love I am constrained. What’s within, I can’t contain.

Lord, I can’t any more restrain, restrain. In Your love, I’ll pour on Thee.

And the church, Your Bride to be, This my choice voluntarily.

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찬송가 551 - Lord, I just love You - 지방교회들 찬송가

찬송가 551 - Lord, I just love You - 지방교회들 찬송가

Lord, I just love You. And there’s no one like You. In the whole universe I have no other one like You. Lord Jesus, I love You.

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찬송가 542 - Recall how David swore - 지방교회들 찬송가

찬송가 542 - Lord, I love you - 지방교회들 찬송가
앨범명 : Unto Christ the Lord Always (UCLA CD)

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