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Lord Jesus, Draw Me

new song


Lord Jesus, draw me one step further;

Draw me, Lord from where I am.

I’ve been here too long already.

Move me, Lord, I know You can.


Your whisper, Lord, so softly sounding,

Deep within my heart does burn.

Let Your stillness now subdue me

That Your feeling I discern.


All idle thoughts and impure feelings,

Lord, remove from mind and heart.

Wash me in the crystal water

And more life to me impart.


All hidden things that block my vision,

Rocks of self-ambition, pride;

Now expose and burn away, Lord

By Your look intensified.


Increase the weight of glory in me,

Let Your Spirit now transform,

That all things would not be wasted

But would work to save me more.


Lord Jesus, oh how much I need You!

Thank You, Lord, that You are here,

Ever present as the Body.

I would always seek You there.

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속사람을 능력으로 강건하게 하옵시며


(엡3:16) 아버지께서 그분의 영광의 풍성을 따라, 그분의 영을 통하여 능력으로
여러분을 강하게 하셔서 속사람에 이르게 하시고

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